Hey there, I'm Laura.

My name is Laura Winterrowd and I am the photographer and owner of elle images.

My love for photography goes as far back as I can remember and while I love all areas of photography I have always been drawn to photographing people. I gained a great appreciation for the photojournalistic style through my education.

In May of 2005 I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science degree in photography. No matter what I am shooting, I approach it with the same intent as a photojournalist. I am not just shooting a single photograph, I am telling a story. A love story, a celebration, or a story of who that person is. So much can be told by one moment in time and it is my intent and my privilege to capture those moments. I am truly honored to tell these beautiful stories in other's lives and nothing is more important to me than capturing each moment that is so important to you. I believe it is my love for people, my interest in relationship dynamics, and fascination with life in general that shines through in my photographs.

Beyond being a photographer I am a Mom to two boys and a wife to a creative, funny, and very accepting man. Other than taking photos my favorite places to be are at concerts, exploring nature with my boys, or connecting with another human over a delicious latte. To me, life is a mixed bag of good and bad, but the dichotomy of it all is what makes it feel complete. And the understanding that nothing really ever stays the same is what makes things both so sweet in the moment or other times bearable. I try to capture those sweet moments to make them last as long as we can but also the real emotions can remind us of our strength as well. It's all a part of this messy, beautiful life.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

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